Extra information you may need…

Domain name, Web Hosting & Theme Template:

The websites I create are produced in WordPress. WordPress is a free and open-source content management
 system which includes a plugin architecture and a template system,
Wordpress looks horribly boring in its raw form but comes to life when you install a template and plugins.
Plugins add functionality to the site such as Contact forms, Event Calendars, Social interaction, and many more.
Most of these Plugins are free but some charge a monthly/yearly/lifetime fee.
Templates are free for the simple designs but look awful and boring so its often better to buy a professional Template online. Prices vary from around $30 – $60. This is for a lifetime license.

Domain Name cost average: $10 – $15 per year.
Hosting average cost: This varies a lot from country to country and depends on the size of your site but an average site would probably cost around $10 – $20 a month to host. May be less if its a very small site.


Search Engine Optimisation is vital to the site. It’s one thing having a nice looking professional site but means nothing if nobody can find you online. This is normally achieved with SEO plugins for the site such as Yoast or Rank Math which are 2 of the most popular. The free versions are very good and will help your site rank higher with Google The set up of SEO takes a while and is an extra service I can quote on aside from the website creation. You don’t need to have it but it will help your site get found easier.


Websites just like a car need regular updates and maintenance such as plugin updates, theme updates, security checks and reports on visitors. These updates are very important for the health of the website. Its not a huge process normally taking 1-2hrs per week Maybe a little longer with Major Upgrades with WordPress Main Core System.